john eustrom

"Personally, country music serves as a inspires for the good and the bad,

 but inspires nonetheless and thats important to me"


From a young age John Eustrom found himself addicted to the deliverance of a country song, not for any particular reason he says other than, "I just wanted to sing, and country music felt right". He stood on stage for the first time as a timid seven year old who had never performed to a live audience, and with hands in his pockets and his eyes closed he began. " The band leader had seen me next to the stage singing along to his entire set list so he asked if I wanted to get up and sing a naturally I sang  Amarillo By Morning and when the fiddle faded out people started to clap and that was it, I was hooked".

As a native of San Antonio, Texas,  John grew up immersed in the distinctive flavors of traditional country music that are still prominent in south Texas today. "I used to ride around with my grandfather a lot and he would listen to a lot of old country like Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzlle, Ray Price, and of course...George Jones. I could honestly tell you the spot on the road I first heard the possum, he was singing Hell Stays Open (All Night Long) and I was completely taken by his voice. I still listen to him every night, he's just the best! "  Armed with a powerful and vintage styled voice, and a sound that has been cultivated by everyone from Ernest Tubb to George Strait, John is determined to make a mark on the music that he holds so dear. 

In November of 2016 John Eustrom released his debut EP If I Could Feel which produced the single, The Dancehall Clown. Eustrom's music can be found on every major music outlet and at everyone one of his shows. To plan when and where you can catch John, follow him on the social media links connected to his website. (

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